NSK from Kapital to Capital

Edited by Zdenka Badovinac, Eda Čufer and Anthony Gardner This book is the generously illustrated, lavishly documented, critically narrated story of one of the most significant art collectives of the late twentieth century. In 1984, three groups of artists in post-Tito Yugoslavia—the music and multimedia group Laibach, the visual arts group Irwin, and the theater […]

Geografia artystyczna Neue Slowenische Kunst. Wieloaspektowość i kolektywizm

A book “Geografia artystyczna Neue Slowenische Kunst. Wieloaspektowość i kolektywizm” (“The Artistic Geography of Neue Slowenische Kunst. Multifariousness and Collectivism”) was recently published by Joanna Szczepanik in collaboration with Katedra Wydawnictwo Naukowe and SWPS (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw). This is the first comprehensive study in Polish of the social and cultural phenomenon […]

Celostna umetnina Laibach

An illustrated book on Gesamtkunst Laibach (in Slovene) The book is the first comprehensive presentation and analysis of the Laibach Kunst visual practices from the very beginning of their career. It features their early exhibitions, concert performances, Xerox and graphic art, collages, paintings, posters, video etc. (1980-1985). A number of images (more than 70). quite […]

Laibach & NSK – Die Inquisitionsmaschine im Kreuzverhör

Laibach & NSK – Die Inquisitionsmaschine im Kreuzverhör New and updated French and German translation’s of Alexei Monroe’s book on Laibach and NSK have been published this March. Following 2003’s Slovene language Pluralni monolit (Maska) and 2005’s Interrogation Machine (MIT), new editions are now available from Le Camion Noir in France and Ventil Verlag in […]


The Palac Sztuki museum of modern art in Łodz has finally released the catalogue of the Laibach exhibition held in the museum from May 26th until the end of August 2009. The full colour catalogueAUSSTELLUNG LAIBACH KUNST REKAPITULACJA / RECAPITULATION 2009 includes selected Laibach visual works from the end of 1970 until today, and separately presents works and installations from […]

Interrogation Machine – Laibach and NSK

Dr. Alexei Monroe’s book “Interrogation Machine – Laibach and NSK”, with particular focus on the performances and productions of Laibach, was published by MIT Press on November 30th 2005. Published in MIT’s “Short Circuits” series, the book is an updated English language version of the sold-out Slovene version of the book “Pluralni monolit – Laibach in NSK” (Maska in 2003), […]