Title: Iron Sky (The Original Film Soundtrack)
Label: Mute
Cat #: CDSTUMM344
Country: UK
Release: 2012

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About Iron Sky film:

In the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space program evaded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers, getting ready for the invasion of Earth!

This is Iron Sky, a fantastic film with an epic soundtrack by Laibach.

With a theatrical trailer viewed by more than four and a half million people on YouTube and an amazing reception from the fans, the film had its successful worldwide premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on the 11 February 2012.

As The Hollywood Reporter noted, “the score by Laibach adds character, mixing pastiche pop with symphonic elements“.

“I was actually sitting in a sauna with our team when one of us, Jarmo Puskala, came up with the idea that we should do a film about Nazis on the Moon. I agreed, and my number one demand was that if so, I want Laibach to do the music“, said Iron Sky’s director Timo Vuorensola about their choice of artist.

“It was a far-fetched idea at the moment, but stuck into my head as a general style guideline not just for music, but for the general approach for the film, and finally, when I heard they would be interested after we contacted them, I was in ecstasy. Their unique sense of humor and nice and twisted approach will really light a spark in the wretched genre of film music. We’re hoping to create something like Vangelis did for Blade Runner – not just a soundtrack, but a whole new world that echoes through the music.”

Iron Sky tracklist:

01 – B-Mashina (Iron Sky Prequel)
02 – Take Me To Heaven
03 – Problems, Big Time! / Schwarze Sonne
04 – Classroom (Where Are We From?) / Spaceship Hangar
05 – Kameraden, Wir Kehren Heim!
06 – Ein Spion Von Der Erde
07 – Sauerkraut
08 – Washington’s Escape
09 – Dr. Richter’s Laboratory
10 – Vivian’s “Untergang”
11 – Klaus And Renate
12 – In The Machine
13 – Renate And Washington At The Lab / Albinising Operation
14 – Nazi Expedition To Earth
15 – Renate’s Surprise
16 – Peace Lovin’ Brother Rap
17 – The Good Times For The Bad People
18 – Renate’s Message Of Peace
19 – The Miracle In White House
20 – The Answer To The Question
21 – The Moon Nazis Are Coming
22 – 125’ Later Ragtime
23 – A Good War Blues (Klaus And Vivian)
24 – Die Flotte Ist Bereit
25 – Der Führer’s Last Waltz
26 – Meteorblitzkrieg Begins
27 – Ready To Face The Music (Counterattack)
28 – UN Security Council Confessions
29 – Space Battle Suite
30 – James And Renate Inside The Götterdämmerung
31 – The United States Of America Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists
32 – Moon Attack
33 – Götterdämmerung Muss Fliegen
34 – Feuer Frei!
35 – Fight Between Washington And Dr. Richter
36 – Klaus And Renate’s Final ‘Rendezvous’
37 – The Fall Of Götterdämmerung
38 – America
39 – Under The Iron Sky
40 – End Title (We Leave In Peace)